Huawei Watch GT 2e Smart Watch - Mint Green
Huawei Watch GT 2e Smart Watch - Mint Green
Huawei Watch GT 2e Smart Watch - Mint Green

Huawei Watch GT 2e Smart Watch - Mint Green

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Connections and pairing

Heart rate monitoring
Your watch can continuously monitor your heart rate throughout the entire day.

Workout monitoring
Your watch recognizes and monitors various types of workout activities and corresponding data throughout the day using its built-in accelerometer and gyroscopic sensors and supports the count and display of data such as the step count, amount of calories burned, and activity intensity.
You can view detailed workout data on your watch's Activity records app or Huawei Health app and share the data from the Huawei Health app to various social media platforms.
You can also start an individual workout on your watch's Workout app and make your own personalized workout plan based on your preferences. During the workout, your watch will automatically record your workout data in real-time and then provide guidance based on your workout. After your workout ends, you can also share your results through the Huawei Health app.

Sleep tracking
Your watch uses HUAWEI TruSleepTM sleep tracking technology to accurately and comprehensively monitor your sleep time, identify indicators (such as deep sleep, light sleep, and rapid eye monement), and provide you with a detailed sleep quality assessment and recommendations for improving the quality of your sleep.

Stress test
Your watch supports tracking your stress 24 hours a day. The watch is equipped with an optical heart rate sensor to track your stress and provides stress readings for you to better understand your physical condition.
The stress test result will be synced to your phone and then synced to the cloud using the Huawei Health app.
You can also refer to content under STRESS RELIEF ASSISTANT to reduce your stress levels and stay relaxed.
This data is not intended for medical use.

Breathing exercises
Breathing exercises can help you relax and improve your mood at work or in day-to-day life.
Wear your watch correctly, keep your arm still, and follow the onscreen instructions to carry out the breathing exercises.
Start an individual breathing exercise on your watch and follow the animations on the screen to inhale and exhale. During this time, your watch will collect your heart rate signals.
When the breathing exercises are complete, the watch will display the results and your heart rate.
This data is not intended for medical use.

Your watch will display the phone's notifications in real time, including notifications for instant messages, calls, SMS messages, emails, and social media apps, and will vibrate to alert you of the new messages.
For some notifications, you can take actions such as deleting an SMS/IM, rejecting calls, and blocking notifications.
To use this feature, your watch must be connected to your mobile phone, and your mobile phone must have a working Internet connection.

Connect your watch to the phone using the Huawei Health app to control the music playback on your phone using your watch, as well as switching between songs or adjusting the volume.
You can also sync music from your phone to the watch and play it via connected Bluetooth earbuds, allowing you to listen to music without having to bring your phone with you.
Only supported on Android phones.

Altitude barometer and compass
Your watch features a built-in altitude barometer and compass to make your life easier when in the great outdoors.
Automatic workout detection
The watch can detect your workout status automatically. After you have enabled this feature in Workout settings on the watch, your watch will remind you to start recording your workout when it detects more intense activity. You can select to ignore or start recording the workout session. Currently, this feature can detect running, walking, elliptical and rowing workouts.

Hardware specifications

Dimensions (L x W x D)
53 mm x 46.8 mm x 10.8 mm

10.8 mm is the thickness of the watch measured at its thinnest point (the distance from the surface of the watch to the bottom cover and does not include the sensor area).

Approx. 43.5 g (without the strap)

Watch body: metal and plastic; strap: fluoroelastomer, TPU

The watch strap has a width of 22 mm and is suitable for wrist sizes ranging from 140–210 mm.

Size: 1.39-inch, AMOLED round screen, full-screen touchscreen which supports swiping up, down, left, and right, as well as pressing and long pressing commands.
Resolution: 454 x 454 pixels, 326 PPI

Wakeup mode
Raise to wake up screen, press buttons to wake up screen

Battery capacity
455 mAh

Secondary Li-ion Battery

Battery weight
Individual battery weight: 7.5 g

Charging port
Charging port with magnetic contacts

Charging cradle
Charging cradle with metal contacts (charging cable excluded)

Charging time
Less than two hours
Theoretical battery life
2 weeks (calculated using a standard usage profile; the actual battery life depends on how the watch is used and for how long)

Charger voltage and current
5 V/1 A


Memory capacity

Bluetooth frequency
2.4 GHz, BT 5.1, supports BLE/BR/EDR

Maximum Bluetooth transmission distance
150 meters (without any obstructions)

What’s in the Box
1x Charging dock
1x Charging cable
1x Quick Start Guide, Safety Information, and Warranty Card

What's in the box
1x Charging dock
1x Charging cable
1x Quick Start Guide, Safety Information, and Warranty Card


Warranty : 12 Months