Lifesmart Cube Switch Module (1 Way)

Lifesmart Cube Switch Module (1 Way)

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Still using your transitional old switch but don’t want to bother swapping to a new design switch because of your design preference? No need to worry, we have launched a new design module which can help you to change your traditional switch into a smart one without changing out your lovely switch!

With the LifeSmart Cube Switch Module, it can turn every single switch into a smart switch with just a simple installation.

What is the benefit for using this switch module?

  • Easily upgrade a traditional switch to a smart switch
  • Turn it on/off or set timer tasks through mobile phone anytime, anywhere
  • Lights on/off automatically when come/leave home


  • Voice Control
  • Outlets Managing
  • Smart Scenes
  • Remote Control
  • Timer Task


  • Communication protocol_ CoSS
  • Wireless distance_ 100m (open field)
  • Power consumption_ 0.3W
  • Wiring type_ Neutral-Live
  • Operating voltage_ 100-240V AC
  • Operating temperature_ -5~45°C
  • Operating humidity_ 5-90%


  • Lifesmart Cube Switch Module (1 Way) x1