OWC Aura Pro 240GB MBP w/Retina mSATA SSD

OWC Aura Pro 240GB MBP w/Retina mSATA SSD

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OWC provides Mac users the only upgrade solution that delivers higher performance, functionality, and reliability! The OWC Aura Pro gives you the freedom to upgrade your capacity to meet your storage needs. To achieve the higher bandwidth potential of the SATA 6Gb/s bus standard, the OWC Aura Pro SSDs utilize Tier-1 Synchronous NAND instead of commonly utilized Asynchronous NAND. Synchronous NAND enables reads and writes to be "synced" with the SSD processor's clock signal for maximum data throughput.


  • DuraWrite extends the endurance of your solid-state drive SSD
  • RAISE (Redundant Array of Independent Silicon Elements) protects the data on your drive similar to having a RAID setup
  • Intelligent Block Management & Wear Leveling automatically distributes data evenly across the entire SSD


  • One of the fastest internal SSDs available specifically for the MacBook Pro with Retina display
  • Intelligent Read Disturb Management spreads the active read/write across the flash components eliminating data corruption caused by constant use
  • Intelligent Recycling for advanced free space management gradually re-writes data across the SSD over time to ensure data never gets corrupted
  • Best-in-Class ECC Protection for longest data retention and drive life
  • Synchronous Interface NAND enables reads and writes to be "synced" with the Solid State Drive processor's clock signal for maximum data throughput
  • Features 256GB total flash memory with 16GB memory allocated for real-time data redundancy and error correction
  • Uses enhanced DuraClass technology with the SandForce 2281 processor to deliver high transfer speeds, endurance, performance and power efficiency
  • Designed for use with the MacBook Pro 2012-2013 Edition