Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 LTE
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 LTE

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 LTE

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Product Features

Display 10.5-inch SAMOLED
Memory RAM 4GB
Memory ROM 256GB
Camera 13MP AF + 8.0MP - Flash
MicroSD slot up to 400GB
2 years warranty


Multitask without boundaries

Adapted to your busy at home and on the go, the refined Galaxy Tab S4 is your ultimate entertainment and multitasking assistant.

Samsung DeX effortless productivity

Samsung DeX is available on a Samsung tablet for the first time with Galaxy Tab S4. Get the productivity of a PC with the mobility of a tablet. Multitask simply via an HDMI adapter without a DeX station or a DeX pad, and add a keyboard, mouse or monitor for even more efficiency.

Do more with S Pen

The multifunctional S Pen brings numerous productivity tools along with it. Write down new ideas that come to mind before you forget with Screen off memo. Use Live Message to create animated handwritten notes in your conversations. Or translate words and phrases with a swipe of the S Pen's Translate function.

Enhanced performance

Galaxy Tab S4's LTE sppeds of up to 1 Gbps give you more time to get things done. And with 64 GB and 256 Gb internal storage and an additional memory of up to 400 Gb through the Micro SD card slot, you have plenty of space to store documents and videos.

Lose yourself in your entertainment

Galaxy Tab S4 provides an expansive viewing area on a compact device. The 10.5" screen size was made possible from minimized bezels and no top logo or home button. And an improved 16:10 ratio sAMOLED display delivers a more immersive viewing experience when watching your favorite content.

Binge watch for hours on end

Galaxy Tab S4 has a battery capacity of 7, 399 mAh lasting for up to 16 hours of video playback, so watching your favorite shows or season is now possible. And if your battery runs out, bring it to a full charge in just 200 minutes with fast charging

Useful even on standby

Galaxy Tab S4 turns intoa smart home display in its downtime. Daily Board can be set to display your favorite photos while it charges in its stand. Or make it into a helpful assistant that can display not just the current weather forecast, but the current time of your calendar instead.

Defence -grade security

Keep your data protected. The defense-grade security platform Samsung Knox is built from the chip up, starting up the instant you turn on your tablet. Multiple layers of real-time security put your data in a secure folder that only you can open, and keep your work and personal things seperately.