Smart Door Lock (Classic) Multiple ways for access (password

Smart Door Lock (Classic) Multiple ways for access (password

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The LifeSmart Smart Door Lock Classic utilises an independent encryption safety zone and a new type of fingerprint acquisition device to enhance security performance. It not only enhances the security performance of door lock, but also improves user experience and guarantees user privacy. This smart door lock offers multiple access methods such as, password, fingerprint, NFC as well as standard key-access.


  • Multiple access methods
    • Password
    • Fingerprint
    • NFC
    • Key
  • Bezel-less screen design
  • Hostage alarm and break-in alarm
  • Tempered panel
  • Safe method for password input
  • Lockdown mode

*Recommended for using with the LifeSmart Smart Station


  • Access: Fingerprint / password / NFC / traditional key
  • Power Resource_ AA batteries x 8
  • Wireless Protocol_ CoSS
  • Wireless Distance_ 100m (open field)
  • Operating Temperature_ -30~60°C
  • Operating Humidity_ 20~90%
  • Size: 385 x 75 x 33mm (handle excluded)

What's In The Box_

  • LifeSmart Smart Door Lock Classic - Black


Q. Why can’t I unlock the door with the right fingerprint?
A. The fingerprint can’t be recognized if your finger is too wet or too dry, or either your finger or the scanner panel is not clean.

Q. What do I do if my fingerprint cannot be saved to the scanner when adding it?
A. Please try with your different fingers.

Q. How do I know when I should change the battery?
A. The power consumption of this device is low, new batteries’ support usually lasts at least 12 months. There will be a notification on screen reads ‘Low battery. Please replace new batteries.

Q. What if the door lock is out of power, how do I get in?
A. Emergency key is included with the purchase, which works just as a traditional one. Or use the emergency power supply port to get access.