SparkFox Arcade Controller - PC/PS4/XBOX ONE

SparkFox Arcade Controller - PC/PS4/XBOX ONE

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The Sparkfox Universal Arcade Fight Stick Controller is a new generation multi format universal fight stick that enables you to reach a greater level of success across a number of different fighting games. Enjoy classics such as Tekken, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. With the Vewlix 8 button style arcade layout you'll be able to take on any challenge.

Compatible with Xbox One, PS4, PC as well as Android. This fight stick allows you a multitude of gaming options.


  • Precise and robust Sanwa Denshi parts, stick and buttons
  • Vewlix Style 8 button arcade layout
  • L3, R3 buttons for added game play options
  • Turbo mode/switch for all 8 action buttons
  • "Key Lock" switch to enable toggle switch between Dpad, Left Analog Stick and Right Analog Stick
  • Customisable faceplate option
  • Discrete, simple and tidy storage space for cable and spare replaceable buttons when not in use