ET Blu 6 button remote transmitter

ET Blu 6 button remote transmitter

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ET Blue 6 button dual code remote transmitter used on ET products such as new and old ET gate, garage motors and receivers. ET no longer manufactures the larger dark blue remote with “Plus” on the back. This remote has dual coding option as a result it can be programmed into new and old ET products. To select the old or new code is easliy done by holding down the button for longer than 20 seconds. To find out more see PDF links below.  This remote is small and compact but still offers great range, normally 100m. MrRemote also keeps a full range of replacement buttons and batteries for this remote. If you have broken a plastic part then drop us a mail, we’ll see if we can help.

ET Blue 6 button dual code remote transmitter specification:

Frequency: 433.92mHz
Battery: GP23 12v
Dimensions: 64 x 38 x 14mm
Coding: ET Old code hopping and new code hopping
Program difficulty: Moderate, you need to access the receiver or motor. Read here to understand more.

Programming information:

How to add you remote to an ET product.