Gemini 433mHz 3 button gate remote transmitter

Gemini 433mHz 3 button gate remote transmitter

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Gemini 433mhz 3 button gate remote transmitter used on Gemini gate, garage door motors and receivers. It uses code hopping technology, for ultimate security!

Programming your Gemini remote to Gemini sliding gate motor:

  1. Remove the beige cover of your Gemini sliding gate motor
  2. Under the cover you’ll see a PC board / circuit board / electronic board with wires connected
  3. Look carefully for a small button with “Learn” next to it, see below:
  4. How to get your Gemini remote to work
  5. **VERY IMPORTANT – Do not hold down this button or you will delete all remotes on this gate motor
  6. Next press the learn button once
  7. An LED / light will flash once
  8. Now press the button on your new remote (This is the button which will operate the gate)
  9. Your gate should now work.
  10. Repeat the above procedure to add more than one remote


  1. This motor will store a maximum of 15 remotes
  2. If you wish to delete all your remotes hold the learn button for more than 8 seconds.